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Inspired by the true story of Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner, the Brown Hudner Navy Scholarship Foundation aims to honor Navy Sailors by providing post-secondary scholarship support to their children. To be eligible to apply, an applicant must meet all of the below eligibility criteria: • Child of an active duty, reserve, honorably discharged, or fallen U.S. Navy Sailor; • GPA of at least 2.0 (cumulative and unweighted on a 4.0 scale); • Family adjusted gross income less than the limit based on the annual Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy’s salary; and • Planning to pursue a STEM or health science degree and attend an accredited undergraduate college or career training school in the upcoming academic year. Scholarship awards are based on a competitive scholarship model, and applicants must meet all eligibility requirements and complete an application with supporting documents. Recipients are required to maintain eligibility and renew their scholarship each year but are only required to submit a comprehensive application the first year they are awarded. Each scholarship recipient is eligible for four paid awards, and awards do not need to be awarded in consecutive years. Our scholarship application opens every year on January 1 and closes on March 1.



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March 1

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Biology/Life Sciences, Computer & Information Systems, Engineering, Health Professions, Mathematics, Chemistry, Applied Science, Medicine, Physics, Science and Technology


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