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Dr. Martin Blank - SYB Scholarship The Dr. Martin Blank – SYB Scholarship has been created to encourage the participation of under-represented communities in the area of building health, safety and education by covering the tuition costs of the Building Biology Advocacy (BBA) Program at the Building Biology Institute (a $965 value). The scholarship is funded to permit three awards per calendar year. There is no formal deadline. Applications are evaluated as they are received. A winner will be selected at the discretion of R Blank (Dr. Blank’s son, and the CEO of SYB) in collaboration with the Building Biology Institute. Applicants must be: From a community that is underserved by, and lacks equitable and sufficient access to, resources in line with the information taught in the BBA program; Demonstrate an ability to communicate to a wider audience in their community (such as a podcast, YouTube channel, church or community group leader); Under the age of 50; Able to devote the time sufficient to complete the rigorous program within 12 months; Able to have regular and reliable internet access. Please note: This program is open to residents of anywhere in the world; This program can be completed entirely online. No travel is necessary. The Building Biology Institute (BBI) trains graduates to use the knowledge, tools, and skills they acquire during their course of study to actively assess and find solutions to the problems created from the misuse of chemistry and technology. BBI has always been open to all, from working professionals to the general public, and a technical background is not necessary to successfully complete the program.



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Designed for environmentally conscious people from all walks of life, Building Biology Advocate (BBA) certification will give you the knowledge and skills with which to improve your own dwellings and workplaces, and educate others in this increasingly vital area of public health and well-being. BBA certification is also ideal for students and industry professionals who are seeking to complement their credentials in such fields as architecture, city planning, green building, interior and landscape design, Feng Shui, natural health, and the practice of medicine. Please note that Building Biology Advocates (BBAs) are certified in Building Biology theory, but are not certified to assess, identify, and/or mitigate indoor environmental hazards to human health. Prior alumni of this program are Building Biology Practitioners (BBP), and they are subject to the same limitations stated as our BBAs are, here above.

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