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The RMIT Ready Bursary is a 20% bursary (like a discount or scholarship) that is available to all RMIT Training Academic English and Foundation Studies international students. This 20% bursary is applicable to tuition fees. The Bursary will be applied to your Academic English tuition fees and any excess prepaid tuition fees will be transferred to your formal RMIT University program.

Other Criteria

Value and duration 20% tuition fee reduction to either: * Academic English program or * Foundation Studies program for two (2) semesters with July 2021 intake Bursary eligibility In order to qualify for this bursary you must: * be enrolling as a student in either English for Academic Purpose (EAP) or Foundation Studies program How to apply * Select an eligible program. * Submit an application to study at RMIT Training. * If you are successful, you will receive an offer letter with the bursary details outlined. Bursary open date Applications now open. Terms and conditions * The bursary will be paid towards the tuition fees of either English for Academic Purpose (EAP) or Foundation Studies program. * The bursary applies only to the first eligible program. * This bursary cannot be deferred to another year. * The bursary may be offered together with other RMIT International scholarship i.e. Future Leaders Scholarship. * RMIT has the authority to cease offering this reduction at any time. * This bursary is not eligible for Latin American students under English for Academic Purpose (EAP) but they are eligible under the Foundation Studies.


20% tuition fee reduction

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31 December

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