A.Y 2020 Contest- 10 Scholarships Master Product and Fashion Design

Raffles Milano - Istituto Moda e Design


Raffles Milano Istituto Moda e Design, one of the most exclusive fashion and design schools in the world, located in the center of Milan, is allocating 10 scholarships for its International Masters in Product Design and Fashion Design starting in February. If you are interested in Fashion Design and Product Design, you can apply till December 15 for the Masters starting in February. The Scholarships will be granted to candidates based on the evaluation of their portfolio. Candidates should send the Application form, Privacy authorization, and a portfolio to master@rm-modaedesign.it according to the deadline.

Other Criteria

The contest is open to students with an Undergraduate Degree or Bachelors’ Degree and with a non-academic degree or qualification. Even candidates with a working track record in the chosen field of study can participate.


26.000€ - 19.000€

You must be studying in one of the following countries:



15th December

You must be from one of the following countries:


Number of Awards


You must be studying one of the following:

Architecture & Design and Fashion

Host Institution

Raffles Milano Istituto Moda e Design


4 scholarships cover 50% of the tuition fee 6 scholarships cover 25% of the tuition fee. Master Fashion Design International Student - 26.000€ (3.000€ Enrollment Fee + 23.000€ Tuition Fee) European Student - 15.000€ (3.000€ Enrollment Fee + 12.000€ Tuition Fee) Master Product Design International Student - 19.000€ (3.000€ Enrollment Fee + 16.000€ Tuition Fee) European Student- 15.000€ (3.000€ Enrollment Fee + 12.000€ Tuition Fee)

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