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Do you care about the youngest victims of the Syrian conflict? DoSomething.org is giving away a $3K scholarship to a young person who participates in "Bake Sales for Babies" and sets up a bake sale in their school or community. Contributions will go directly to providing the essentials to babies in the region for this winter. Why is this important? Since 2011, Syria has been in turmoil. The civil war has resulted in over 200,000 deaths, approximately three million refugees, and around six and a half million internally displaced people. The conflict in Syria is complicated, geographically distant, and hard to comprehend in its enormity and devastation. Bake Sales for Babies zeroes in on specific, solvable problems within the larger conflict and provides young Americans a simple way to engage and impact the issue. No minimum GPA or essays required. What: $3,000 scholarship for one winner. How: 1). Sign up for Bake Sales for Babies at www.dosomething.org/bakesales 2.) Host your Bake Sale now through February 22nd 3.) Share the photo of your bake sale with us online or via text, and you’ll be entered to win a $3,000 scholarship. When: The deadline to submit your entry is February 22.



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