$10,000 Teach Seniors Technology Scholarship

DoSomething.org and AARP Foundation's Mentor Up


Get this: 40% of seniors don't use the Internet. At all. This can leave them disconnected from loved ones and lead to feelings of isolation and depression. This October, DoSomething.org has teamed up with AARP Foundation's Mentor Up Program to launch the second year of the Grandparents Gone Wired campaign, which asks young people to help seniors stay connected to family and friends by teaching a grandparent or other elderly adult how to use current tech trends like smartphones, social media, video chat, and email. Participants can not only improve the life of a senior citizen, but earn a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship for school. What: $10,000 scholarship for one winner. How: 1). Sign up for Grandparents Gone Wired at DoSomething.org. 2.) Use our Technology Teaching Guides to bring a senior up to speed on new tech trends. 3.)Send a pic of the two of you in action, and you’ll be entered to win the scholarship. When: The deadline to submit your entry is January 20. Go to DoSomething.org/grandparents to apply now!



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