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Thousands of women are successfully pursuing their education, careers and leadership roles, which until not long ago were completely denied to. However, even now, women are still more likely to be pouring coffee in the boardrooms rather than sitting on the boards. By offering this ‘Leading towards Gender Equality: Scholarship’, Global College Malta (GCM) aims at supporting gender equality in the leadership positions by supporting young leaders to become the next role models empowering women in the business sector. By supporting new leaders (men and women), whose aim is to ensure gender equality, young aspiring women pursuing leadership roles will be further encouraged. As a result, GCM aims at ensuring women emancipation and involvement in high managerial jobs. On these lines, GCM does not discriminate any applicants by their background, race or gender.

Other Criteria

Applicable courses: (MBA - University of Chester) (MSc in Management - University of Chester) (BA in Management) (Foundation Course in Management with English) The scholarship will cover up to 50% from tuition fees. Eligible: Students who are accepted to any of the above mentioned courses at Global College Malta The scholarship will be awarded based on the academic/professional merit, leadership potential and intention to become role model encouraging gender equality in managerial positions and leadership roles. Students’ prior active involvement in empowerment of women in business and related topics will be considered during the selection process.


Up to 50%

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1st of July

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no limited number

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Global College Malta


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