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Introduction: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is recognized throughout the world, with around 2.5 million affected individuals. Although the disease was recognized in the 19th century, there were limited data on the diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management of MS until the last 50 years. With every step of progress in immunology, imaging and biotechnology, there was indeed progress in our understanding of etiology and diagnosis of this potentially disabling disease. Even with such an amazing progress in technology, the exact etiology and absolute cure for MS is not known yet, thus MS has been the focus of interest in clinical and basic science research in the past decades. Hundreds of MS research groups, centers and clinics are performing research on this field from animal studies to human clinical trials. Due to their interests and efforts, MS has become a partially treatable disease with introduction of the drugs that are able to reduce annual relapse rates and delayed disability. MS management starts with diagnosis and continues with strategies to control relapses, increasing quality of life of the patients, symptomatic treatments and rehabilitation. With our progress in this field, management of different patients has become more complicated and in some cases needs special training. These facts led the pioneer MS research centers around the world to start special MS training programs for neurologists for better management and addressing the ever-growing issues about understanding, diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis. The moderate to high prevalence of MS in Iran (20-50 in 100,000) has led the local neurologist to pay special attention to patient management and research. Tehran University of Medical Sciences, as the leading medical university in Iran provides 18 months of advanced training in diagnosis, treatment and clinical research in Multiple Sclerosis. This Fellowship program is conducted under the supervision of neurologists specialized in MS in Tehran University of Medical sciences and invited authorities from other countries.

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Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)


In this 18-month program, fellows would receive comprehensive training in the clinical evaluation and management of the patient with MS and related disorders in both adult and pediatric populations. Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of original clinical research projects involving all aspects of MS. Fellows are encouraged to design original projects that relate to their interests. There is special focus on Neuroradiology and MRI-based research and training. It is our intent to produce clinically and academically well-trained individuals who will be able to contribute in advancing the state of knowledge of multiple sclerosis and improving the care given to the MS patients. We will take honor in supporting our trainees academically and personally as they begin their careers as MS specialists. Given that most clinical trials in MS have an MRI component as an outcome measure, considerable effort and time of a MS-specialized neurologist is devoted to analysis of the MRI scans of the patients. Intensive individual training is offered in this program by our neuroradiologist and neurologist with special expertise in multiple sclerosis. Our program is designed for those applicants who do not have the license to practice medicine in Iran. It will provide the fellows with the opportunity to fully master their ability to use MRI as a diagnostic tool as well as an outcome measure in the evaluation of therapeutic interventions in MS. In addition, the fellows will participate in research programs and become skilled in the MRI based research, mainly conventional MRI techniques.

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