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ACI Foundation Fellowships can be awarded to anyone in the world; however, you must attend a U.S. or Canadian university during the award year. Some of the Fellowships expect the awardee to complete a 10- to 12-week internship the summer prior to beginning the award year. Those applicants chosen as a finalist for an ACI Foundation Fellowship, will be notified by February 4, 2019, and must be available to attend an interview with the Scholarship Council on Sunday, March 24, 2019, at the ACI Spring Convention. ACI will pay for the flight, hotel, registration, and will include a stipend. All applicants must be proficient in the English language. If English is not your native language, a written statement must be attached to this application attesting this proficiency. The educational stipend is paid in two equal installments over the course of one year directly to the student to cover expenses related to tuition, room and board, books, student fees, etc. Receipt of stipends is contingent upon attendance at scheduled ACI Conventions during the award year. Fellowship awardees are expected to submit a written report near the end of their fellowship period describing the value of the Fellowship to their development and to their preparation for their chosen career after graduation.

Other Criteria

All applicants must submit the following five items. Personal and educational data. A one-page resume. A 500-word essay. Official transcripts: Read more about transcript submittal below. Two endorsements, which are statements of evaluation of the applicant, in terms of potential for growth, character, leadership capacity and career interest. Be prepared with the names and email addresses of your endorsers. One should be a faculty member and the other should be an employer (if possible). At least one endorser must be an ACI member. The proper protocol is to contact these individuals and get their commitment to write an endorsement before submitting their names and emails on the application. To search for an ACI Member or Faculty in your area, please visit the Member Directory. If your professor is not an ACI member, joining the Faculty Network brings with it a free one-year ACI membership. Only members can search the member directory. Not a member? Sign up! it's free for students. The online platform will contact these individuals directly for their endorsement. You can check on receipt of endorsement forms by logging on to the application platform.


$7,000-$10,000 USD

You must be studying in one of the following countries:

Canada and United States


November 30

You must be from one of the following countries:


Number of Awards


You must be studying one of the following:

Architecture & Design, Engineering and Construction Trades


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