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The goal of this scholarship is to inspire young investors to seek the unintuitive paths businesses take to succeed. Awards: $300 for #1, $100 for #2 and #3. Application deadline: June 30 Notification date: July 15 by Twitter from our founder’s account and by email later that week. Requirements: Scholarship available to anyone 18 years and older, pursuing a technical, associates, or bachelors degree. Not available to fund those pursuing graduate degrees. Application Guidelines: In order to apply, fill out the form with (1) your contact details and (2) the most creative sales or marketing action you’ve seen (<600 characters). We accept submissions for any scale of business – from putting Jason Mamoa on a package of Girl Scout Cookies to Soulja Boy uploading his music to pirated sites under 50 Cent’s name to producing a TV show on NBC. Selection procedure: Our panel of judges will convene to judge your submission. Submissions will be judged on the following parameters: Originality Cost- & Time-Effectiveness Link to public press or a photo about the action if available; we suspect the most creative actions haven’t yet been reported, so no worries if not available.



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