Where to find Financial Aid

Locating financial aid for international students can sometimes be a daunting prospect! Where do you look? What type of aid is available to you? How should you apply for it?

The main purpose of this article is to help you locate the main sources of financial aid available to international students and hopefully provide you with advice on how to go about applying for it. The main types of aid available are:

International Student Loans

Loans are still the best way to secure financing for international students - though the one requirement that makes them unavailable to many students is that most international student loan programs require a US Cosigner. If you do have a US Cosigner, funding can be obtained very quickly and can cover your cost of education and expenses. To learn more about International Student Loans, please see:

International Scholarships

Scholarships are another main source of financing for many students and the first place to look for scholarships is at the school you are apply to or planning to attend. If you want to find out what schools offer scholarships and financial assistance please see:

Most schools will provide some form of scholarship to international students, but as you will see this aid will not cover the full cost of education - so you will have to supplement this with either a loan or other scholarship.

As well as obtaining a scholarship from your school, there are many other scholarships available from local governments in your home country and private organizations. The InternationalScholarships.com database has been compiled with most of these awards - so they are in one destination for students. If you need information on how to use InternationalScholarships.com then please visit:

Other Financial Aid Resources

There are also many other resources available to students looking for financial aid, including: