Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award

Centro Einaudi


The Centro Einaudi with the support of Fondazione CRT launches the 5th Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award. Young researchers are invited to submit papers, by March 31st, on the subject: Economic consequences of inequality. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: • economic and political determinants of inequality; • the measurement of inequality; • lower consumer spending, stagnation and other economic implications of income inequality; • inequality and the functioning of market economies; • the reconsideration of the theories of growth; • the rising of social tensions/frictions fed by inequality; • emerging authoritarianisms and the political control by the rich/elites; • equity vs efficiency economic and ethical arguments; • policies to alleviate inequality (e.g. minimum income and other redistributive policies; negative income taxes etc.).

Other Criteria

A signed copy of the GIORGIO ROTA Best Paper Award application form; - The scientific paper in electronic format (up to two papers per participant); - A copy of the document proving the obtained university graduate qualification; - A copy of an identification document indicating the date of birth; - A C.V. (either in English or Italian).

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