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Visit: If you are currently enrolled in a college or university program, and have aspirations to go into business for yourself, please write a one page essay that best expresses what you want to do with your life, and why. Include your current major in college. Also feel free to include a piece of media (photo, video) that speaks to what you aspire to do. We will publish the winning media so please understand that by submitting, you give us the right to publish your photo or video submission alongside your name. There is no right answer: one could be interested in becoming a professional photographer, a professional wrestler, or a web developer. The only prerequisite is that you are passionate about your goals. Also explain how the award would help support your education. We will choose the scholarship recipient based on need, ingenuity, and sincerity. There is no fee to apply.

Other Criteria

PLEASE NOTE: Only email submissions will be accepted. SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION: Value of the scholarship: Burnoutitaly.com entrepreneur scholarship: $500 Number of scholarships available: One scholarship will be awarded in 2016. Minimum SAT/ACT and GPA: No minimum. Sometimes tests do not tell the whole story. Residency Requirement(s): None. You can live on or off campus. School Year: 2016 Major: Any. Required college state: Any (international students in need may apply) Required college or university: Any. You must submit using a .edu email address. Required race or heritage: N/A Required student activities: such as clubs, professional or civic organizations or particular extracurricular activities: N/A - Social associations do not always tell the whole story Any parental requirements, such as a union membership or active military or veteran: N/A U.S. Citizenship: Anyone can apply. Specific disabilities, if applicable: N/A Religion or religious heritage: N/A Sports or hobbies: N/A Gender: N/A Marital status: N/A



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August 1

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United States

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No fees. Award can be used toward any school or living related expenses.

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