IGlobal University Academic Merit Scholarship

IGlobal University


Eligibility: Prospective students applying for the MBA Program Scholarship Amount: a) GPA greater than 3.0 but less than 3.5: 10% per quarter. b) GPA greater than 3.5 but less than or equal to 4.0: 20% per quarter.

Other Criteria

Award Criteria: a) The applicant must meet the University’s admission requirements for the program of study chosen as outlined in the University Catalog. b) The applicant must submit a complete scholarship application form to the academic office within two weeks of the application for admission or at the start of a new term. c) The applicant must submit proof of GPA.


Up to $4,320

You must be studying in one of the following countries:




You must be from one of the following countries:


Number of Awards


You must be studying one of the following:

Computer & Information Systems and Business/Management


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